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The myHRfuture Academy is the leading destination for HR professionals looking for online courses that focus on the future of the HR profession. Our online training provides HR practitioners with one location where they can access courses on topics such as People Analytics, the Future of Work, Design Thinking, Digital HR, Artificial Intelligence, Employee Experience and other areas impacting the future of human resources. To learn more, watch the video below.


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We take learning and the future of HR seriously here at myHRfuture and if you're investing time and money with us, we want to make sure that you get the best out of our courses. Our course content is designed by leading HR professionals that are experts in their fields and regularly run workshops or present at industry conferences. We know that you're busy and that in-person training or conferences can be expensive and time-consuming, that's why we've created courses that are around 2-3 hours long and are designed for you to get incredible insights at the pace that you want, wherever and whenever you want to learn.

"An excellent overview of People Analytics - topics are very relevant and provide practical ideas on how to successfully set up and utilise People Analytics in business."

- Kim Teh, People Development Project Manager, Nestlé

"I would highly recommend this course to give you some context if you or your organisation are new to People Analytics. Some really pragmatic advice and common mistakes to avoid on your journey – Worth the investment to get things right"

- Karen Morris-Lanz, Director, Waponi

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